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Revolutionary, patented 21st century technology has allowed the Mini Masseuse massager unit the ability to re-create the feeling of an actual massage session. Used by physicians, chiropractors, physical therapists, and sports trainers for various medical and therapeutic needs the Mini Masseuse massage is great for any muscle tension giving the ultimate pain relief. The Mini Masseuse massage unit uses electrical pulses to contract the muscles releasing endorphins and oxygen to the area being massaged. Experience the copyright protected, ultra smooth, deep tissue massage sensations of your own lightweight, portable, and durable Mini Masseuse massage unit.

The Mini Masseuse massager utilizes a copyright protected patented design using electronic stimulation to create blood flow, releasing natural endorphins to relieve stress and help with pain relief. Durable adhesive massage pads produce kneading, tapping and butterfly sensations for muscle relaxation. Helps relieve minor muscle and joint aches and pains.

The Mini Masseuse massager is very easy to use and gives pain relief to tired and worn out muscles. Only five simple buttons to pain relief! The Mini Masseuse massager is very portable and only requires a 9 volt battery that even on the highest setting for thirty minutes a day will last you four to five months. Self adhesive pads eliminate gels and mess associated with other massage units. The very powerful Mini Masseuse massage unit can be used anywhere on the body besides over the heart. This portable unit has a two year warranty. The Mini Masseuse massage unit comes in three wonderful colors and can be bought for personal or distribution uses. Drop by Branson’s IMAX Entertainment Complex to try it out yourself and see a free demonstration.

Contact MJ Specialty Directly: 888-840-1255

POSTED ON 05-05-2013

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